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We offer our accounting, tax and labour advice to SMEs. The data is stored with maximum security on an encrypted virtual hard drive. Furthermore, we help you in the procedure of creating your own firm in Spain


Accounting Registration

You can choose the most efficient method to record your accounting information. Classical accounting or real-time accounting.

Internal Audit

With our monthly and quarterly audit your accounting data will be 100% accurate.

 Holded partnership agreement

Take advantage of our partnership  agreement with Holded and enjoy a significant discount on this cloud accounting program. In addition the program is a  powerful CRM for SMEs. (+ information)


Quarterly Taxes and Annual Summary

​Calculation and preparation of quarterly tax returns, information returns and annual summaries

Legalization of books / Annual Accounts

We prepare the registration and legalization of books and annual accounts in the commercial register

Corporate Income Tax

​Calculation and presentation  of the  Corporate Income tax for the year.


Payroll calculation and preparation

​Payroll calculation and preparation

Obligations with tax authorities 

Preparation of the documentacion to the Social Security and other tax authories

Labor study

​Preparation of studies to calculate the labor cost and analisys of the actual situation.

Analysis Financial statements

Study of ratios

Economic and financial ratios allow conclusions to be drawn on various aspects such as liquidity, indebtedness, profitability, etc.

Analytical income statement

The analytical income statement allows us to thoroughly analyze the causes of the company's result

Costs and Dead Center

Cost accounting allows conclusions to be drawn from the state of the company

Financial Statements Analysis

Ratio Analysis

We analyze various aspects of your company such as liquidity, debt, profitability, using ratio analysis.

Analytical accounting

The analytical income statement allows us to analyze the causes of the results obtained.

Cost and Break-even Analysis

Using cost accounting and breakeven analysis allow us to check the financial health of the company.

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