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New Self-employed quotes (2023) - Autónomos... Everything you must know!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

On January 1st, 2023, the contribution system for self-employed (autónomos") will be based on the net income of the self-employed person's activity. This means that you will have the obligation to present a forecast of the net income (revenues – deductible expenses). The aim is for the self-employed to pay a quote based on their net profit and not for the contribution they wanted.

The main difference is that there will be 15 quotes. From 230€ to 500€ per month in 2023.

Example 2023: If your net income is less than 670 euros/month you will pay 230 euros, while those who exceed 6.000 euro/months will pay 500 euros per month. The minimum fees will decrease in the coming years, while those above €1,700 will increase.

How to calculate your new quote

The self-employed quote is calculated based on your net income. It's the difference between revenues minus deductible expenses.

Once you have obtained this result you will have to divide it by 12. So, you will obtain the monthly net return.

Please remember that you can apply for an extra provision for expenses difficult to justify of 7% of the net income of the firm . it's just 3% for corporate freelancers.

Who benefits from this new system?

This new system seeks to benefit the self-employed with the lowest incomes. The big reductions are visible, above all, in the net returns of less than 670 euros.

On the other hand, freelancers with returns above 1700 euros will see their monthly fee increase.

Other issues to consider:

Contribution to the pension plan

Another innovation is that the self-employed will be able to deduct 10% of the contributions to the pension plan from their personal income tax

Benefit for cessation of activity

This reform incorporates a benefit for partial cessation of activity of 50% of the regulatory base, compatible with another activity, and which can be collected in a period of four months to two years. It will be available to self-employed workers who prove the following circumstances :

- A 75% reduction in the level of income or sales over two quarters, including debts to non-public creditors.

- A reduction in working hours or suspension of contracts of 60% of the workforce.

- Income below the national minimum wage in the country.


How many times can I change my quote per year? What procedures must be followed?

The Government will allow to change the quote up to six times in the same year. With effect from March 1, May 1, July 1, September 1, November 1 and January 1 of the following year. In this way, every two months, depending on the net income, you can change the base and therefore the quote..

This will mean that the self-employed person will have to return or claim the fees in case the section of the final net returns is below (or above) what he indicated in the forecasts for the year.

Variations in the contribution base will be communicated electronically through the ImportaSS system (web social security website).

Rojas Donada Assessors will carry out this procedure for our clients at the end of the year or the beginning of next year. This will be the moment when we'll have the final data of your real income. So, we'll set the new quote on that period.

What happen when I pay less or more than I should?

Regularization will occur at the end of the year. It's a similar situation to the individual tax return ("renta"). When you pay or receive the extra amount paid. There are two scenarios.

- If you have to pay more: Then you must pay Social Security authorities within a period of 2 months.

- If you have pay too much and you need to receive the extra amount paid :Then tax authorities must pay within 4 months.

How does the new fee affect corporate self-employed ("autonomos societarios")?

Corporate Self-employed people will also have the obligation to contribute based on real income from 2023. However, it has a peculiarity with a minimum fee of 310 euros /month for 2023 (320 euros in 2024 and 350 euros in 2025).

Of course, if the income is higher, they must pay a higher quote (please see the previous table to check the corresponding quote according to your tentative monthly income).

It is important to point out again that these type of "autonomos" will have provision for expenses difficult to justify of 3%, instead of 7% as other "autonomos".

How does the new contribution system affect the new self-employed?

The Government will continue to offer a reduced rate of 80 euros for those self-employed who have decided to start working for themselves from 2023. Extendable up to 24 months if the minimum interprofessional salary is not reached.

The first year of the activitvity the rae will be 80 euros regardless of the net income of the self-employed person. From the second, if the income of the self-employed worker is equal to or less than the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) – currently at 1,000 euros – he will continue to contribute 80 euros per month and, if he exceeds this limit, he will begin to contribute for real income.

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