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Associate Economists and Affiliated Society  

at the College of Economists of Catalonia

 Our members are collegiate economists specializing in tax, accounting and labour advice for SMEs and the self-employed.

In addition, the society is registered at the College of Economists of Catalonia (number SAS749)

Online and in-person service

Our services are offered online and in-person.  

Our landmarks are professionalism and kindness in the treatment of our customers

Security and confidentiality

In our company the security of your data is our main priority. 

We use an encrypted virtual hard disk that guarantees the maximum security.


Office Opening hours
Mo .:   8: 00–13: 30
Tu .:   8: 00–13: 30
We .:   8: 00–13: 30, 15: 30–18: 00
Th .:   8: 00–13: 30
Fr .:   8: 00–13: 30


Our office is located at carrer major 57, Bx, Manresa (Barcelona)

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